ELEPHANT® Echoblock Gypsum Board

ELEPHANT® Echoblock Gypsum Board

ELEPHANT® Echoblock Gypsum Board is built from Perforated Gypsum Board coated with Fleece – sound-absorbing fabric and perforated pattern options that enhance acoustic performance in a room by reducing reverb and echo.

Product Technical Description:

Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Weight (Kg/m2Corner Type
12120024005.45Square Edge

Board Color

  • Sound absorber with NRC 0.65 – 0.80
  • Modern design with Graphic Pattern options
  • Can be applied to various functions
  • Available in three module variations R1, R2, R8
  • Easy to install

Use for rooms with a need for good acoustic performance.

  • ASTM C 1396: gypsum board specification standards
  • ASTM C 473: standard physical test method for gypsum boards
  • ASTM C 423-02a: method test standard for sound absorption  and sound absorption coefficients.
  • 100% Natural Gypsum
  • Free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • Hazardous substances free
  • Recyclable