ELEPHANT® Gyptile Gypsum Board

ELEPHANT<sup>®</sup> Gyptile Gypsum Board

ELEPHANT® Gyptile Gypsum Board

ELEPHANT® Gyptile is specially designed for installations with a T-bar frame system to simplify and speed up the installation process. The surface of the ELEPHANT® Gyptile board has been coated with beautiful paints and motifs. Available in various choices of motifs, PH 201, PH 201N, PH 202 and NF 103. Suitable for use in rooms that require a high level of flexibility and maintenance such as offices, schools, hospitals, stations, terminals, or shopping centers.

Product Technical Description:

Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Weight (Kg/m2Corner Type
96006005.45Square Edge
960012005.45Square Edge

Board Color

  • Convenient – can be installed immediately without repainting.
  • Better acoustic performance.
  • Attractive surface texture
  • Fire-resistant and noncombustible material
  • More heat resistant to maintain the room temperature and save electricity
  • Applicable to the T-Bar ceiling system.
  • For in offices, schools, hospitals, stations, terminals, or shopping centers installations.
  • ASTM C 1396: gypsum board specification standards
  • ASTM C 473: standard physical test method for gypsum boards
  • Certified by Singapore Green Label
  • Hazardous substances free
  • Recyclable