ELEPHANT® Standard Gypsum Board

ELEPHANT® Standard Gypsum Board

ELEPHANT® Standard Gypsum Board is made of 100% natural gypsum rock so that it has the gypsum board excellent features: flame retardant, reduced heat, and muffle the sound. The installation process for this gypsum board is also straightforward – equipped with screw lines with a firm grip for safety and protected from humidity.

Product Technical Description:

Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Weight (Kg/m2Corner Type
9120024005.45Tapered Edge
12120024007.27Square Edge

Board Color

  • Anti sagging performance
  • Solid gypsum core that is stronger and sturdier
  • Best screw grip
  • Screw lines for easy installation
  • Consistent quality

Use for standard partitions and ceilings that do not require special technical requirements.

  • ASTM C 1396: gypsum board specification standards
  • ASTM C 473: standard physical test method for gypsum boards
  • ASTM C 840: standard specifications for gypsum board installation and finishing
  • Certified by Singapore Green Label
  • Hazardous substances free
  • Recyclable